Our Achievements

Celebrating the achievements of our students and staff.

Our Academic Achievements

For more on our Academic Achievements, visit our school website here: 

Our Staff Achievements

Evergreen is proud to have highly innovative teachers who are caring and always have their students’ best interests at heart. Some of our teachers have even won national awards, giving due recognition to their dedication and commitment to their work. Read more about our Food and Nutrition teacher, Mdm Lee Teck Miang, who was a finalist for the President’s Award for Teachers 2019, here:

Copy of Img12371 MOE 010719 PAT Lee Teck Miang @Evergreen Secondary School(AC) (1)

Our Head of Department for English, Mr Ratish Balakrishnan, also won the Inspiring Teacher of English Award in 2018. Watch his video here:

Our teachers are truly dedicated to their craft and are committed to developing our students into caring leaders and thinking citizens. Hear it from our students themselves in this Teachers’ Day video: