Values-in-Action and Charity Bazaar

The Journey of Caring EVGians

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The EVG Values-In-Action Programme is a critical approach to maximize student voice and student choice, empowering students to participate in learning experiences that are tailored to the various levels to draw out leadership lessons. Students are provided with opportunities to collaborate with others in designing solutions to a problem or area of concern within school and in the community. Through this students engage themselves in projects as a means to practice and internalise the school values, sharpen leadership skills and develop critical competencies.


The sustainability of the iconic Values-In-Action Programme is built on the success of the coherent experience in striving to stay relevant to the current needs. The VIA Programme for the various levels are as follows:

Secondary 1 Make A Change Project where improvements are done within school based on problem solving approaches
Secondary 2 Charity Bazaar where the proceedings will be donated to non-profit organizations.
Secondary 3 Service Learning in the community where students take on projects with an external organization to apply learning beyond classroom context.
Secondary 4/5 Students engage in projects to foster ties with members of the community.
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